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To Do List

A reminder for myself on what to do with this blog in short term: – Find the most suitable theme — I still keep changing themes for this blog, haven’t found ‘the one’ I like the most. Oh it’s qotta be troublesome, blame my lame personal taste. – Write about Labuan Bajo trip — Before […]

A (Not So) Final Test

I passed the final exam! 合格! Yaayy~! Indeed the result was announced on Monday, the day after, as I said in previous post. The e-mail arrived at 4pm, a bit later than usual which was usually around 1-2pm (I wonder why I always notice such insignificant thing). So I was a bit like mad person, […]

A Final Test

Just finished final exam a.k.a saishuu shiken (最終試験) on Thursday. I’d been taking Japanese class, upper intermediate 3 level (中級後期3 – chuukyuu kouki 3) at Japan Foundation Jakarta and that was the final exam after more or less 4 months of study. They said the result will be announced on Monday (that’s tomorrow!). Previous announcements […]


On June 30th afternoon I’m supposed to meet up with a friend to do a project (will share it later when it’s done :D), but too bad she got sick and the whole plan was cancelled. Being suddenly idle, I got some nice idea to spend the rest of Sunday; seeing Jakarnaval. Jakarnaval is a […]

The Search Of Smartphone

Due to a freakin’ misfortune, I lost my blackberries around last month. Wait, what? Yeah, 2 blackberries, also its data cable and little sum of money in my wallet inside my bag. All in one round. Damn thief! But right now I’m not writing about that incident (and please don’t ask, I’d rather forget that […]

The Beginning

This might be my first real blogging activity. I’ve done it a few times before but it just didn’t work, mostly because I’m too lazy to write. Yes, blogging isn’t really my area. But since this time there are goals I expect to achieve through blogging, hope this one will work. If it doesn’t, still […]