A (Not So) Final Test

I passed the final exam! 合格! Yaayy~!

Indeed the result was announced on Monday, the day after, as I said in previous post. The e-mail arrived at 4pm, a bit later than usual which was usually around 1-2pm (I wonder why I always notice such insignificant thing). So I was a bit like mad person, checked e-mail every 5 minutes, and you know how sucked it was to go online using a not-so-smart phone, haha. There’ll be 1 month break before the new class, lower advance 1 level (上級前期1 — joukyuu zenki 1), begin on August. The next day (which was my birthday!), I went to Japan Foundation to re-register for the new class. Met up with some classmates to have dinner together with our teacher, too bad only a few could attend. We shall have new teacher for next level. It’s kinda sad because I like Nihei Sensei very much, but she said it’s good to interact with new people as well as experiencing different teaching style as it’s part of our learning too. Nine months together and sure I’m gonna miss it very soon.


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