The Search Of Smartphone

Due to a freakin’ misfortune, I lost my blackberries around last month. Wait, what? Yeah, 2 blackberries, also its data cable and little sum of money in my wallet inside my bag. All in one round. Damn thief! But right now I’m not writing about that incident (and please don’t ask, I’d rather forget that for now).

One thing about losing old phone (for any reason) is it also means the search of new one! And I can’t help feeling a bit guilty for my excitement on this fact πŸ™‚ So, the question is what phone should I buy? It should be an android phone since I’ve decided to give up on blackberry respectively and there’s no way I’m going to use iphone. There’s a hell of a lot of choices out there nowadays and I just can’t bring myself to decide. My top three are HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, and Samsung Galaxy S4 BUT the price is killing me! I mean I still can afford it but considering my need and my phone usage, they’re just not worth splurging. Thus, those 3 are off my list now πŸ˜₯ For no specific reason, I’m not really fond of Samsung’s products (despite the hype out there) so I probably won’t choose Samsung phone. I became a bit interested in Sony Xperia after googling it for a while. But, that’s all! No conclusion. My early excitement has turned into a never ending cycle of deep confusion. Eventually this post has no meaning at all… LOL


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